Alcova & Salone del Mobile

Leolux in Milan

Milan Design Week required preparation and inspiration. Find out how the Leolux presentations at Alcova and the Salone del Mobile came about.


Story-driven, Italian designers Studiopepe have created a small collection for Leolux, consisting of a sofa, a coffee table and a rug. In these designs, material detail is at the fore: rippled, gathered upholstery, woodgrain in organic contour-lines, and graphic textures.

Studio Truly Truly

Leolux art directors Studio Truly Truly conceived a breathing ceiling of textile volumes that echo the rippled details of Studiopepe’s Lunetta sofa as they raise and lower into the space. Imposing in its scale and form, this kinetic sculpture obscures and reveals the works on show as it gradually breathes through the space.

Daniel de Bruin

Self-taught creative engineer Daniel de Bruin was instrumental in bringing to life the vision of Studio Truly Truly. His mechanical art provides the textural volumes with their rhythmic respiration.

Hanne Willmann

The Naila modular sofa by Berlin designer Hanne Willmann is a textbook example of the beautiful results that come from combining the creativity of top designers with Leolux’s trademark craftsmanship. The design with its flowing ellipses catches the eye from every angle.

Bram Vanderbeke

Belgian artist Bram Vanderbeke, known for his ‘pragmatic sculptures’ was invited to create a piece for the Leolux Viewpoint Collection, a special collection where Leolux can explore the frontiers of craft, art and sustainability. His cast aluminium stool BRAM is a stackable sculpture with a brutality that counterbalances the soft tactility of the ceiling at Alcova.


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